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Welcome To The Gothic Fantasy Art Of Maria Chang

What is Gothic Fantasy Art? The answer to that question lies within what is considered by many to be the fringe of society, that which is both fantastical and dark in nature.

Art has always been unbound by reality, even if it is based within it. It is as free as our imaginations will allow us to be, and to an artist it is a way to express their innermost dreams or nightmares.

The subjects of fantasy are many. Be they elves or fairies, trolls or demons, unicorns, mermaids, or any other of the strange myriads of beings that dwell amidst the endless array of humanity’s surreal musings, they are all bound together by a uniting principle. They are an extension of possibility, a look at what could be yet is not.

Within the gothic element these creatures take on a sinister tone, one that evokes the twisted nature of human imagination, and delves into the darkest parts of our souls.

For whither may thou go that the darkest part of thy spirit follows thee not? And would ye, if thou had the heart, not dispose of these nightmares that they would torment thee no longer? For the artist this is all to true, and in their expulsion do we find refuge within the solace of such shadowed camaraderie. For some it is within the longing, for others within the loathing. And to some degree these lines will blur to a greater or lesser extent. That, in essence, is Gothic Fantasy Art.